Simple Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Farm’s Social Media

by | May 8, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Miller Davis Blog, Social Media

Our attention spans are short, and they’ve become even shorten with the constant stream of content on social media. Agritourism destinations may find it a daunting task to keep growing engagement and followers on their social media channels, especially with algorithm changes in the past year making it more difficult to create organic engagement.

So how can you still grow engagement and followers on social media in this highly competitive, noisy, digital landscape that has an algorithm gatekeeper?


Be authentic and care about your audience.

Start building meaningful interactions with your followers on social media. A first step towards achieving this is to respond to direct messages in a timely manner and be active in the comments section of your posts. By doing this you will become a valuable resource to your audience and in turn they will promote your brand for you.


Keep your content original.

Agritourism destinations have a unique story to share and can provide their followers with an authentic experience they don’t have in their day to day lives. Show them what’s happening on the farm with original photos and videos. They do not need to be high production value. In fact, over produced videos can tend to receive less engagement. Photos or videos shot on any smartphone of today are perfectly acceptable. You might be surprised how much engagement this original content can derive.


We encourage you to try these tips and let our Digital Marketing team know if you have any questions! 


Contact us to see how we can help you take a strategic look at goals, tactics and actions to maximize your marketing dollars.
A Little Bit About… Mollie

A Little Bit About… Mollie

Mollie Ruf is the Digital Marketing Manager at Miller Davis. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, she moved to Salisbury after graduating from Florida Southern College. She is very involved in the local community and earned the nickname the “Event Jedi” from planning numerous events for Downtown Salisbury, Inc. before joining the Miller Davis team. She can be seen driving around in her dragon Jeep dubbed "Smaug." She lives in Salisbury with her husband and three doggies. 

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