Do You Know Where Your Information Is?

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Miller Davis Blog


As a business owner, you realize that even the smallest parts of day-to-day business are vital to your operation. Companies, both large and small, need to be constantly on top of schedules, production, supplies, equipment, staffing, stocking, human resources, and a multitude of other details that make up the daily routine. But what about your digital branding and marketing accounts and services? Have you been keeping track of those?

As the website accounts specialist here at Miller Davis, I have encountered numerous situations over the years where vital account information has slipped through the cracks of an organization. Does any of this sound familiar?


“One of my employees created a Facebook page for me, but they are no longer here and I have no idea how to access it ….”

“I don’t know who set up the domain account for the website originally, or what the username, e-mail and password is to access it with ….”

“I don’t know how to log into my current website ….”

“I will check with my printer to see if I can get my logo graphic, I don’t think I have anything here ….”


Your digital media is an extremely important part of your company branding these days, and all aspects of it need to be managed carefully. Detailed documentation needs to be maintained where it can be easily accessed and not lost in the shuffle of time and the coming and going of various employees.

Important accounts include:

  • Domain Hosting
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Website Hosting

Although computers have made our lives convenient when it comes to saving and storing information, if you do not have a server backing up your files it is even more important to keep both a digital and a hard copy file of your information. Anyone that has experienced a major computer crash has learned the lesson of keeping documentation of your most important records.

Be sure to keep a digital and hard copy file that contains:

  • Name and URL of website where account is held
  • Username and Password
  • E-mail address attached to account

Also keep a computer file and a zip drive containing the image files that are the most important and can be frequently reused for marketing:

  • Company logo
  • Business/Location/Building Photos
  • Product Images

And finally, once your information is documented, don’t forget to keep it up to date! If you change your e-mail account from to and close down your old e-mail account, your online accounts need to be updated too! Make sure to go in and update your account profile information, and then update your company records to match. These simple steps will save you from major difficulties in the future!

If you are getting started on your website and social media, or need to get all of your accounts up to speed and in sync with your current marketing objectives, and it all seems a bit overwhelming – call Miller Davis! We have options for all of your online marketing needs, and can customize a plan that will perfectly fit you.


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A Little Bit About… Christy

A Little Bit About… Christy

With almost ten years under her belt, Christy is the resident expert in setting up and handling website and various other types of online accounts for Miller Davis and its client base. A Salisbury native, she is a huge advocate for small business owners and shopping local. With a passion for great local foods and micro-brew beers, Christy loves checking out new places and keeping everyone up to date on her latest finds.

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