Designing My Own Wedding Invitations

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Miller Davis Blog

Hi Guys, Mollie T. here; not to be confused with Mollie R.! First off, let me start by saying that I am a designer and not a writer so please excuse my jumbled thoughts.

Back in October my wonderful boyfriend asked me to marry him. Yay!! It was very cute; he took me to Bella’s Dog Barkery in downtown Salisbury and had them make a doggy cake that said, “Will you be my dad’s wife?” I was so excited that I even forgot to say yes, but that was OK because he also forgot to give me the ring! For those of you in Rowan County, you might have seen the video of it on Facebook where Rowan Weather posted it.



Now that the excitement of the proposal has gone down, it is time to think about the wedding and start planning! I have to figure out who is going to do the food, who is going to do the photography, who is going to do the stationery……wait a minute! I’m a designer; I can do the stationery! Though, let me let you in on a little secret: the hardest thing for a designer is to design something for herself. So with that being said, I have put off making the stationery…who doesn’t work great under pressure and a tight deadline?!?!

The first step in my design process is research, looking to see what other people have done and how I can make mine different. Inspiration can strike at any moment. I’ve had more than a few good ideas while in the shower or right before I am about to go to sleep. My favorite place to go when starting any project is Pinterest. It’s a great place to see what other people are doing. While perusing through the pins, I saw an invitation called a “3-In-One”; it’s the invitation, RSVP and envelope all in one. I love this idea and it saves a lot by not having to buy envelopes. Next step, designing!

The theme for my wedding is very simple with a classic vintage feel, so I really want the invitation to have the same feel. I really want to stick to a green and gold color pallet, and I love the idea of using some kind of floral pattern. Now that I have my inspiration, copy, and design, it is time to sit back and just play around to see what looks best. I figured this would take a while since I am a perfectionist, but surprisingly I got it right on the third try. Of course, the last step is to get them all printed and in the mail!

Having the ability to design stationery for my own wedding is great because it gives everything a more personal touch. I love that I get the opportunity to explore my creative side and have the freedom to do my own thing. Now on to designing my bridal shower invites!


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A Little Bit About… Mollie

A Little Bit About… Mollie

Born in Concord and raised in Mt. Pleasant, Mollie has been with Miller Davis since 2016. With an Associates in Commercial Photography from Randolph Community College and a Bachelors in Advertising from Appalachian State University, she is able to utilize her trained eye for photography and design to add a strength that is put to great use with the company.

When Mollie is not working, she is taking pictures of her two nieces and spending time with her soon to be husband and their dog, Jordy. She has a love for all things Wizard of Oz, and can be found carrying her Dorothy tin lunch box to work almost everyday. If you have questions or simply want to talk about the Wonderful Land of Oz she is your girl!

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